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Recent books and book clubs

After Sacre Bleu, our book club at Office Nomads read The Sparrow -- a scifi book about explorers to another planet in the near future, the way the species on that planet relate, and relate to Earthlings, and all of the spirtiual underpinnings revealed -- and then The Geography of Bliss -- an NPR correspondent's light-hearted search for the happiest place in the world, looking at how different cultures define h

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Sacre Blue

We started a reading group at Office Nomads, the great coworking space where I work.

Our first book: Sacre Blue by Christopher Moore. It's so fun to read with a group, and pick up something I never would have on my own. And it's great to read a novel again, after slogging through Capitalism and Freedom.

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Thurtene Days to X-Mas 2011

Yo yo yo,

Where's be my peoples at? Yes, that's right, it's that time of year again--eggnog, mistletoe, feeling miserable, Joe imitating Arnold S and somehow being so bad at it that he is actually funnier and more memorable than the man himself--oh, did I forget to mention: it's also time for the annual Dtek Thurtene Days of X-mas contest.

This year, as I forecasted a year ago: Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Sorry, RED, your Naked Gun keeps getting the shaft.


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Feeding Ourselves

All right, my friends, time to talk food...

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Cage Match: The Shock Doctrine vs Capitalism and Freedom

i'd been meaning to read Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine for a while and remembered to pick it up when i swung by Elliott Bay Books recently.

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Just finished reading Room on a zealous recommendation from my brother Sam. Wondering if any of the rest of you have read it, or might be interested in reading it. Like Hieb with Blue Valentine, Sam's availability to the book might be unusual, due to his personal circumstances. Here is the premise: mother has been abducted, is missing, assumed dead for nine years, in which time she gives birth to our narrator, a boy named Jack, who starts telling the story on the day he turns five.

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