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Just finished reading Room on a zealous recommendation from my brother Sam. Wondering if any of the rest of you have read it, or might be interested in reading it. Like Hieb with Blue Valentine, Sam's availability to the book might be unusual, due to his personal circumstances. Here is the premise: mother has been abducted, is missing, assumed dead for nine years, in which time she gives birth to our narrator, a boy named Jack, who starts telling the story on the day he turns five. All he knows of the world is the room in which he lives, where his mother more or less completely hides him from his rapist father. I gave it to my brother on suspicion that it might in a sense be similar to The Road, which we all loved. He loved Room for different reasons, but more than that, I will wait to tell you until you choose whether or not to read it. Quick read, 350 pages, but with the 5 year old narrator, you fly through it...

PS. I apparently have to go check our Blue Valentine. Thanks for the rec. Saw The King's Speech and thought it was excellent, if a little over the top at the end... Anyone?