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it's been a month already, but for posterity... we made it! sammyboo and i have officially relocated to Seattle.

it was a mad dash out of Brooklyn, as expected: after an emotional week and a night of no sleep we almost died in the seatbeltless car service, screaming to JFK in the ridiculously early morning, with all the asphalt still steaming from the day before. after some haggling we got the dogs loaded on the plane, and i knew that somehow we'd make it.

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settled in to our new apartment

well here we are, officially "settled in" to our new apartment. this is a quick "here's to" from me to myself and my boy, for this new era of our lives: new challenges, new freedoms, new environment and people...

tomorrow the school year starts, the summer ends, my work begins in earnest... soon we'll experience a northeastern fall.

deep breath... let's go.

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Coast to Coast

here i am. i packed up and left Seattle on 6/26, and with massive help from family and friends arrived in Brooklyn the night of 7/3.

i put 4026 miles on my 16' Penske moving van

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