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Cage Match: The Shock Doctrine vs Capitalism and Freedom

i'd been meaning to read Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine for a while and remembered to pick it up when i swung by Elliott Bay Books recently.

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Karl Rove is your friend

i never felt completely satisfied with the BushCo Rap Sheet we tried to compile on this site, but Karl Rove's paw prints were certainly all over it.

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welcome first steps

Leo and i had a chuckle and cheer listening to Democracy Now today... what a surreal moment: The US pledges to close its secret prisons, and repudiates torture.

hell yes, President Obama.

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Hey guys,

just saw Milk with Suzy and my mother-in-law. We loved it!

It was great and I highly recommend it to all of you. I am frustrated that it is not in the big theaters here in Colorado. I don't know the reason, but here's my response: get everyone you can to Go and see Milk. It's well worth the money, just on entertainment value alone (though, it clearly has an agenda beyond entertainment).

Until you do see it, check out this: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/04/marc-shaiman-on-prop-8-the-...

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President Obama!...?

I am starting this new thread (a part three, I guess, regarding Obama's race into history), though I am, like everybody else, in that node between success and what it means. I hope to leave the thread open enough for anyone to make any comment whatsoever about the direction of this country, where we hope it is going as well as where it seems to be tending. Anyone?

Here are my current thoughts:

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Presidential Race 2008

OK, dtek, let's get on it.

What do you have to say? Palin bump, Maverick Man, Black elitist? Lies, distortions, waffles? Economy, Environment, THE CRIME WE CALL THE IRAQ WAR?

Where are you guys? Jej? DKG? RED? arh1?

I have much to say and will get to it soon, I hope. But in the interim, go at it, my friends.

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were they really chanting "Drill, baby, drill!" at the Republican National Convention? wow. that is astonishing.

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Kucinich, Iraq, Oil

Kucinich was on Democracy Now today with
another bit of terrifying in/sanity regarding Iraq and BushCo's thinly-veiled agenda: handing over control of the country's oil to multinational corporations.

a politician, to be sure, but an order of magnitude more honest and direct than any of the other voices i hear coming from congress these days.

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[img_assist|nid=244|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=233]A video I collaborated on with classmates Charlie Chester and Chuck Moss dealing with GW Bush's presidency. Footage included from October 26th anti-war demonstration in D.C.

Watch the video

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